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Our range of Bush Foods includes a range of distinct wild flavours which sets them apart in taste and texture.

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  1. Native Lemongrass - dried (approx 100g)

    Native Lemongrass - dried (approx 100g)


    Indigenous-harvested native lemongrass picked and dried for Something Wild. Traditionally used as a medicinal herb, one study from Griffith University found it to be 'as good as aspirin' for headaches. Try making a herbal tea or cooking fish wrapped in it. Learn More
  2. Outback Pride Saltbush Flakes (30g)

    Outback Pride Saltbush Flakes (30g)


    Use in all dishes requiring that extra hit of salt. A unique native ingredient. Learn More
  3. Green Ants (Native Gulgulk) - sample pot

    Green Ants (Native Gulgulk) - sample pot


    Wild harvested in the Northern Territory. A sample pot that will let you add a little something special to cheese, ice cream or your gin and tonic! Learn More
  4. Australian Paperbark (1 roll)

    Australian Paperbark (1 roll)


    Out of stock

    This native Australian Paperbark can be used in much the same ways as an aluminum foil wrap around seafood but with the added benefit of imparting extra flavour. Perfect for seafood, best prepared when wrapping an oiled and seasoned fish with Warrigal or Saltbush leaves prior to wrapping the outside with the paperbark.

    **Please note due to the length of each paperbark roll, only 2pcs can be sent per foam box. If you require more than 2, a whole additional delivery charge per multiple of 2 will be applicable as it will need to be sent in a larger box. Please contact us for larger orders**
    Learn More
  5. Tuckeroo Wattleseed (50g)

    Tuckeroo Wattleseed (50g)


    Out of stock

    Wattle Seed flavour when roasted is nutty, creamy and has tones of mocha. This versatile taste means you can use it in either savoury or sweet applications. Learn More
  6. Tuckeroo Lemon Myrtle Ground (50g)

    Tuckeroo Lemon Myrtle Ground (50g)


    The superb floral citrus flavour is best extracted in sweet and savoury infusions/marinades or baked in cakes, biscuits, batters, dough’s etc. 50g Pack. Please note that all weight displayed is the Gross Shipping Weight Learn More
  7. Dried Saltbush Flakes

    Dried Saltbush Flakes


    Indigenous-harvested Saltbush flakes, picked and dried for Something Wild. Savoury herbaceous salty flakes from the 'Old Man Salt Bush'. Great for baking breads, seasoning blends, crackers and coatings etc. Learn More
  8. Dried Quandongs - approx 60gm

    Dried Quandongs - approx 60gm


    Indigenous-harvested quandongs, picked and dried as halves for Something Wild Australia. Dried quandongs can be soaked in water for sweet or savoury dishes.  Learn More
  9. Kakadu Plums -  250gm Frozen

    Kakadu Plums - 250gm Frozen


    Meet Australia's Super-Food! Kakadu Plums have the highest known natural vitamin C content in the world, plus are full of antioxidants, folic acid and iron. Harvested by traditional landowners in the Northern Territory, these little gems are great for jams, sauces, juices, ice-cream or as a healthy snack just as they are. Indigenous people also pound the fruit and use it as an antiseptic or a soothing balm. Learn More
  10. **SPECIAL** Frozen Muntries - 1kg bulk pack

    **SPECIAL** Frozen Muntries - 1kg bulk pack


    Stock up while they're in season! Use them anywhere that you would use apples or sultanas. You can use Muntries in fruit or savoury salads, cheese platters or pop them straight into the kids lunch boxes. They're great in pies, muffins, bread and butter puddings, tarts and cakes. Make them into a chutney to use on meat sandwiches, in a ploughman’s lunch, in stir-fries or inside a boned pork or lamb roast. They’re great as a dip on crackers and with any cheeses. Make a jam and use on pancakes, scones or plain old bread and butter. They're also great rendered down with meat juices as a glaze for meats, chicken or fish. Also try mixing it with a natural, unsweetened yoghurt to make your own natural Muntrie yoghurt blend. Learn More

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