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Crocodile is a meat with a difference, with its distinctive white colour and has some similarites in taste to chicken and frog legs. It is a product that is a must try for its unique flavour and firm texture. A perfect meat for curry dishes.

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  1. Smoked Crocodile (200g)

    Smoked Crocodile (200g)


    Out of stock

    200g of Smoked Crocodile meat which is perfect for sandwiches and nibbles. Learn More
  2. Crocodile Sausages (500g)

    Crocodile Sausages (500g)


    Make your next BBQ one to remember with some distinctive crocodile sausages on the menu. Sent frozen in a 500g pack. Learn More
  3. Crocodile Ribs (500g)

    Crocodile Ribs (500g)


    Enjoy some exotic Crocodile Ribs, perfect when prepared in the slow cooker. Learn More
  4. Crocodile Kebabs (5 Pack)

    Crocodile Kebabs (5 Pack)


    Diced Crocodile Meat supplied on a stick which are best cooked on the BBQ or grill. Sent frozen (5 kebabs). Learn More
  5. Crocodile Tail Fillet (800g)

    Crocodile Tail Fillet (800g)


    For something exotic, try our succulent Crocodile Tail Fillet steaks which have a unique flavour that you have to try! Sent frozen in a minimum 800g pack. Learn More

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