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Emu is a very tasty and low in fat. It has a texture similar to pork shoulder and suits a variety of coking methods, but be sure not to let it dry out due to its low fat content. With that in mind, you may consider a marinade to help boost moisture. Cuts such as fan fillet are ideal for pan frying or even barbecuing to medium rare.

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  1. Emu Fan Fillet

    Emu Fan Fillet


    Emu Fan Fillet is a premium cut which is the equivalent of a Beef Eye Fillet. Best prepared on the BBQ or pan fried. Sent frozen. Minimum 500g. Learn More
  2. Wild Sausage Tasting Plate

    Wild Sausage Tasting Plate


    A shop favourite, 18 chippolata sausages! 3 each of Goat, Boar, Emu, Buffalo, Kangaroo and Crocodile. Easy on the BBQ and a great way to sample all the different flavours! Learn More
  3. Emu Sausages (500g)

    Emu Sausages (500g)


    Impress your dinner guests with our tasty emu sausages, supplied in a 500g pack. Sent frozen. Learn More

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