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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How will my meat products be packaged?

A. Your meat products will be cryovacced. We operate as a butcher shop would, so there won't be the sort of labels you will see on processed foods or use by dates. We prepare our range of fresh meat products, cryovac them and freeze them. Cryovaccing is the process of removing all air from a specially designed plastic bag through the use of a vacuum seal. This process allows meat products to be kept fresher for longer in a refrigerator. As all oxygen is removed, this can temporarily cause something called ‘confinement odour’ when the bag is first opened, however the product is perfectly fine. This odour will subside normally within 20 minutes which will vary depending on the product that is being stored.

Q. How is my order sent?

A. Your order will be sent with Toll Priority on a Tuesday which is an overnight service to many destinations around Australia.  It is very important that you are able to receive/collect your order on the day of delivery as your order is most likely going to contain perishable products. To this end, you should think about what delivery address to provide. You should also check whether Toll Priority can deliver to you within our recommended two day period. You can check Tolls estimated delivery times to your area here. Something Wild has no control over your order after it has been dispatched. Please note Something Wild may choose not to deliver to areas Toll Priorty cannot reach within 2 days. Neither Toll Priorty nor Something Wild take responsibility for orders that cannot be delivered because no one is at the nominated address. 

Q. Is there a minimum order?

A. There is a $30 minimum, before shipping, for an online order.

Q. In the item description, it says the product will be packed and supplied frozen, what does this mean?

A. When your order is prepared, it will be packed from products hard frozen, after made from fresh, to minus 20 degrees. These products will be packed for shipping in a foam box and ice packs will be added for delivery.

Q. Can the meat products be refrozen if they arrive partially thawed?

A. If the meat products on arrival are still chilled and contain ice crystals, they can be safely put back in the freezer. If the product is completely thawed, we recommend using without refreezing.

Q. What if i am not within Toll Priority's 1 to 2 day network? Can I still receive an order?

A. Please contact us to discuss alternative options that are available to your delivery area.

Q. What is the cost for delivery to my address by Toll Priority?

A. The delivery cost will vary depending on the size and wieght of your order. Delivery starts at $25.50 for up to 1kg and $31.50 for between 1-3kg. If your order is more than 4kg, the freight cost will reset (as an additional package will need to be sent). Due to the shape of some products, in some cases we may not be able to fit 4kg of product inside the box, which may result in a higher delivery fee. Your cost for delivery will automatically be calculated for you during the checkout process. To work out how much you will be charged for delivery, select the items you'd like to purchase, proceed to the shopping cart and there you will be able to get a quote by entering your destination.

The cost of shipping is charged at the rates in which Toll Priority set and therefore we only charge what it costs us to send products via Toll Priority.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?

A. We accept credit card (Visa, Mastercard) and bank deposit. If you require another payment option, please contact us.

Q. Can I collect my order locally at the Something Wild store in the Central Market?

A. Sorry, no. As we run our online store from our Mt Barker facility, to collect from our Central Market store in Adelaide, please contact them directly to enquire about the products you are interested in on (08) 8410 7322. 

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