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  1. Paroo Kangaroo Striploin (minimum 800g)

    Paroo Kangaroo Striploin (minimum 800g)


    Paroo Premium Kangaroo is sourced from only the finest wild game kangaroos from four specific regions in Australia. Carefully selected based on seasonal conditions, water and grasses specific to each region, Paroo Premium Kangaroo is Australia's only premium quality graded kangaroo meat brand. 100% preservative and additive free.

    The Kangaroo striploin is a delicious cut which is nice and tender. Best cooked quickly on the BBQ. Supplied frozen as a whole piece, minimum weight 800g.

    Learn More
  2. Dried Saltbush Flakes (approx 60gm)

    Dried Saltbush Flakes (approx 60gm)


    Indigenous-harvested Saltbush flakes, picked and dried for Something Wild. Savoury herbaceous salty flakes from the 'Old Man Salt Bush'. Great for baking breads, seasoning blends, crackers and coatings etc. (approx 60gm) Learn More
  3. Kakadu Plum Powder - 30g

    Kakadu Plum Powder - 30g


    Australia's Native Super Food. Kakadu Plums have the world’s highest natural concentration of vitamin C. Full of Antioxidants. They’re antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal. Plus they act as a preservative! A dose of this and you may just find yourself with super-powers. Learn More
  4. Kangaroo Bush Tomato Sausages (500g)

    Kangaroo Bush Tomato Sausages (500g)


    Impress your dinner guests with our tasty Kangaroo Bush Tomato Sausages, supplied in a 500g pack which will be packed and sent frozen. Learn More
  5. Green Ants (Native Gulgulk) - sample pot

    Green Ants (Native Gulgulk) - sample pot


    Out of stock

    Wild harvested in the Northern Territory. A sample pot that will let you add a little something special to cheese, ice cream or your gin and tonic! Learn More

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